helping scaleups build growth-ready cultures

Cultureboom helps tech scaleups build growth-ready cultures by bringing in data and tools.


Cultureboom has given life to a new project that is
even more amazing:


Mini documentaries that tell the stories of London based successful startups.
Office Visits and Founder Interviews.

When to focus on culture?

Focusing on company culture will save you money and time.
Neglecting company culture will be the beginning of the end.

We get that the first priority is revenue and growth to scale.

Company culture creates cost saving by better hires, longer retention rates, more motivated employess, better functioning teams and overall higher problem solving and innovation capacity.

The easiest cost saving move a scaleup can make.

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Join the 5 percent.

Let’s be honest. For 95% of the startups out there, company culture is not a “pain felt now”, but it is going to be a “regret in the future”.

Be in the 5%. Invest in company culture as a competitive advantage.

C-Level spends %70 of their time with people issues, what to do?

Focus on building your company culture.

How to improve the brand equity?

Use culture as way to promote  the brand for employees or potential clients.

Rapid growth is tearing us apart. How do we protect our values?

Focus on your company culture!

What can we do to have high
performing teams?

Have you tried focusing on culture?

Solutions & Pricing

First Introduction Session


  • Three sessions focused on YOUR issues with an expert people & culture consultant.
  • 1. Solve Problems. Help with all people topics like recruitment, talent retention, team building, vision alignment, motivation, organisational design, managing feedbacks & more.
  • 2. Quick Improvements. We study your organisaiton and give tips for quick-win improvements.
  • 3. Long-term Strategy. We help you design longer term projects for the right culture and people strategy.
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Interim Placement

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  • In addition to Culturebox;
  • 1. Interim Head of People & Culture on board 2 days/week.
  • 2. One-on-one culture interviews with at least half of your entire team.
  • 3. Long-form article written to tell your success story.
  • 4. Recruitment or training of a people & culture specialist.
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1. The Culture Metrics Report
2. The Culture Playbook
3. Expert Support

Resources for Founders

Here are some resources on culture building for startups and Cultureboom.

Cultureboom in 5 Questions – The Launch Story

Read our launch essay and learn more about our story. What, who and the why.

 learn more

Download the Full Pitch Deck for Cultureboom

Get the full pitch deck by clicking “learn more” below.

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Download the Sample Report (if you are curious)

Get the full 10 page PDF Culture Metrics Report as an example of what you would get if you were to be a client.

 learn more

The Definitive Whitepaper on Startup Culture Building & Shaping

Get the 50 min read (11,000 word) extensive resource written with founders in mind.

 learn more

Cultureboom in 5 Questions – The Launch Story

Read our launch essay and learn more about our story. What, who and the why.

 learn more

Take the leap! Your company will thank you for it.


What Our Clients Say

Testimonials from founders who have used Cultureboom.

“Using Cultureboom was one of the most critical decisions we’ve made to mature as an organisation.  It has improved our efficiency, team cohesion and competitive edge as a scaleup of 40+ people.”

Eren Kocyigit
FOUNDER @ NBT (Next Big Thing)

“A great culture that we share with our teammates has enabled us to focus on what matters and actually move at a much faster pace. Cultureboom is a very cost effective way of focusing on culture. KCIs matter!”

Tamer Aslan
Founder @ City Games Vienna