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We help founders and leaders build a growth enabling company culture by using culture data and our 3-stage model

Stage 1: Take the quiz

Learn your culture growth-readiness score!

Take the free 10-min 
“Growth Ready Culture” quiz designed for tech startup founders or senior leaders.

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Stage 2: Get the box

Get your culture box with a full  10 page analysis of your data; a bespoke culture playbook and six one-on-one session credits with a specialist people and culture expert.

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Stage 3: Get heard

Let us tell your culture story! We write a longform article showcasing your company culture and conduct podcast interviews with the founders to multiply the employer brand you have.

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Manage the people side of growth.

Culture helps you manage the people side of your growth. We are here to help fast growing startups of 10+ people. It also acts as a promotional tool to bring better talent and more fans or loyal users. 

Cultureboom is not your final culture move, it is designed to be the first big one.

It is delivered in 2 weeks and at 10% of the cost of hiring a people & culture consultant.

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Stage 2 – The Box: What do you get?


You will receive a 10 page detailed custom report on your most vital metrics as KCIs (Key Culture Indicators).


A roadmap on all your important people decisions. What is the best way for this organization to; recruit, orient, set goals, measure performance, meet, communicate, reward, solve problems, manage disagreements and celebrate? All here.

Think how much time and energy you can save by knowing the exact culture move you need and when to make it.

We  get it. Founders are busy. That’s why we encourage you to assign the role of  “culture champion” to someone and we’ll get them up to speed.


You will receive 6 one hour session credits with an expert to discuss your organisation’s specific topics, navigate complex cases and ask any questions regarding culture.  Face-to-face for London, online for other places.

Rather than JUST tellıng you what to do; WE DO MOST OF THE WORK, FOR YOU.

We help you find your own way to recruit, orient, set goals, measure performance, meet, communicate, reward, solve problems, manage disagreements and celebrate!

Your culture is all of them combined.

Culture is your biggest problem after traction.

When is the best time to focus on company culture?
Some say day one. That’s not wrong…

But as entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how fast things can move. Usually the first priority is customer acquisition and growing the revenue. Most founders wake up one day, realize they are now a growing team but have not yet focused on or acted about company culture in a deliberate way. 

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What Our Clients Say

Testimonials from founders who have used Cultureboom.

“Using Cultureboom was one of the most critical decisions we’ve made to mature as an organisation.  It has improved our efficiency, team cohesion and competitive edge as a scaleup of 40+ people.”

Eren Kocyigit
FOUNDER @ NBT (Next Big Thing)

“A great culture that we share with our teammates has enabled us to focus on what matters and actually scale at a much faster pace.
Cultureboom is a very cost effective way of focusing on culture. KCIs matter!”

Tamer Aslan
Founder @ City Games Vienna

Why do successful tech scaleups buy into culture?


To draw-in and keep the top talent!


To boost investor confidence.


To save the founders’ time. Up to 70% of  time is spent on people decisions.

Promote & Brand

To use culture as way to promote the startup and build the employer brand.


To ensure existing growth pace and prepare for more ambitious growth in the coming months.


To increase performance, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, loyalty and belonging.


Pick the pricing model you like.
Either, one month’s average salary or 0.5% (half a percent) of your total yearly staff cost.

1 Month’s Av. Employee Salary

Cultureboom is priced at your averagely compensated employee’s one month worth of gross salary, as a single payment.

i.e. (sum of monthly salaries / # of employees)

0.5% of yearly total staff cost

Cultureboom is priced at half a percent (that is 0.5%) of the total yearly gross employee salary cost, as a single payment.

e.g. (15 employees x £36000 total yearly salary) x (0.05) = £2700

Our Awesome Team

The minds behind the operation!

Ozzie (Ozan) Dagdeviren

Founder & CO

Author and entrepreneur with domain expertise in people, culture, learning. With a background in psychology, sociology, recruitment, Ozzie is a serial entrepreneur and a maker at heart. He is the author of  Amazon Bestseller Startups Grow With People: How to Pick Partners, Recruit the Top Talent and Build a Company Culture.

Gulcin Sengun  Akinci

People & Culture Expert

Experienced as head of HR and People Projects leader in startups.  Skillset includes; HR Consulting, HR Analytics, Compensation, HR Policies, Team and Performance Management. Academic background in Psychology. Special area of interest: Growth Mindset.

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If you are an exceptionally talented individual living in London, and you are interested in the people & culture dimension of startups, say hi to us with the reasons for your interest and what value you think can add to Cultureboom.

Resources for Founders

Here are some resources on culture building for startups and Cultureboom.

Cultureboom in 5 Questions – The Launch Story

Read our launch essay and learn more about our story. What, who and the why.

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Download the Full Pitch Deck for Cultureboom

Get the full pitch deck by clicking “learn more” below.

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Review Cultureboom KCI (Key Culture Indicators) Sample Report

Get the full 10 page PDF Culture Metrics Report as an example of what you would get if you were to be a client.

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What to Read-Listen-Watch Guide on Culture for Startups

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Take the leap! Your company will thank you for it.