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Helping scaleups build growth-ready cultures

cultureboom walkthrough by the founder

What is Cultureboom and Who is it for?

What is Culture? (In the sense we are using it) Culture. It is one of those abstract words which we hear often but do not necessarily think about the meaning. The origins of it lie in sociology. By definition, it refers to the set of beliefs, behaviours, characteristics and ways of thinking that are common…
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March 5, 2019 0
startup culture

How to Build a Startup Culture: 5 Do’s 5 Don’ts and 5 Heuristics

Building a good company culture is like writing clean code. Both need expertise & effort. Both are central to how the “machine” (code or the company ) works. Company culture is the glue you need, to keep the two types of intelligence (the machine and the human) working well together. It is impossible to scale a business without a culture that works. If…
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March 4, 2019 0
culture metrics report

Helping Scaleups Nail a Growth-Ready Culture:

Culture is your second most important problem after finding product-market fit. This week, we are launching! It is a culture building tool for fast scaling tech organizations with 10+ people. The goal is to deliver a three-step solution (take the test / get the box / get heard) in 2 weeks and at 10% of…
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