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Fixing a toxic startup culture

Can You Fix a Toxic Startup Culture?

The short answer is; yes, you can fix a toxic startup culture, but not always and not easily. Here is a short guide to increase your odds and focus your efforts. 1. The Background: A Game of Value Creation Change is as difficult for organisations as it is for people. Still, it is possible to to…
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Revolut Ceo Responds to criticisms

The Future We See – Newsletter #1

The Future We See (and Culture’s role in it) This it the very first newsletter on People & Culture prepared by CultureBoom. We believe that culture building is at the core of startup’s success. Culture is the second most important problem of a business, right after product-market fit.  The world is slowly waking up to…
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March 6, 2019 0
startup culture

How to Build a Startup Culture: 5 Do’s 5 Don’ts and 5 Heuristics

Building a good company culture is like writing clean code. Both need expertise & effort. Both are central to how the “machine” (code or the company ) works. Company culture is the glue you need, to keep the two types of intelligence (the machine and the human) working well together. It is impossible to scale a business without a culture that works. If…
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culture metrics report

Helping Scaleups Nail a Growth-Ready Culture: Cultureboom.co

Culture is your second most important problem after finding product-market fit. This week, we are launching cultureboom.co! It is a culture building tool for fast scaling tech organizations with 10+ people. The goal is to deliver a three-step solution (take the test / get the box / get heard) in 2 weeks and at 10% of…
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