The Future We See – Newsletter #1

The Future We See – Newsletter #1

March 6, 2019 Startup Cultures 0
Revolut Ceo Responds to criticisms

The Future We See (and Culture's role in it)

This it the very first newsletter on People & Culture prepared by CultureBoom. We believe that culture building is at the core of startup's success. Culture is the second most important problem of a business, right after product-market fit.  The world is slowly waking up to this but that day can't come soon enough.

If businesses can build better cultures, this does not only ensure that the individual members of our society are happier, but also that companies are more innovative and creative, so they can contribute to the world we live in more efficiently.

We believe that vision. It is why we invest in first improving the understanding of company culture as a concept, and second making culture building more accessible to founders and leader with the right tools. If you believe that vision, too, we are going on an adventure! If not, please unsubscribe now, by clicking the link at the bottom of this mail. (No hard feelings, we understand.)

Our Goal with this Newsletter

To provide start-up or scale-up founders and leaders with relevant, usable, valuable resources about culture building. Company culture building is a very green field of business and study. Our forecasts show it is only going to increase in importance as it becomes clear that startups grow with people. With their ingenuity, design and problem solving ability people (and thus cultures) are the biggest competitive advantages a company can have. When you find something cool related to startup culture or people decisions, share it with us by replying to this e-mail, so we can in turn, share it with the community.

Latest News & Resources

Interesting news, impactful ideas and valuable resources on Culture.

Revolut Ceo Responds to criticisms

Revolut CEO responds to claims of  "toxic culture"

"We have made mistakes, but we are learning." Do you think he is sincere or listening to the advice of PR experts?

If you are out of the loop, take a look at this revealing message sent by the CEO to employees.

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Top startup cultures of London

8 London Startups With Awesome Company Cultures

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Top tips for culture building

5 Do's, 5 Don'ts, 5 Heuristics on Culture

"Company culture is the glue you need, to keep the two types of intelligence (the machine and the human) working well together."

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Did you know that 2019 is now 17% complete!


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