What is Cultureboom and Who is it for?

What is Cultureboom and Who is it for?

March 5, 2019 Startup Cultures 0
cultureboom walkthrough by the founder

What is Culture? (In the sense we are using it)

Culture. It is one of those abstract words which we hear often but do not necessarily think about the meaning. The origins of it lie in sociology. By definition, it refers to the set of beliefs, behaviours, characteristics and ways of thinking that are common to a particular group or society. In this case, we are concerned with the group of people who work together.

Okay. But why is it important? Here is a hint: All businesses whether big or small, essentially boil down to everything people and organisation related, hence shaped by their very own “culture” in other words “corporate culture”

Having studied human sciences as well as business and having built or worked at startups ourselves, we are very aware of the strains a growing company has in their people vertical.

Starting with your product-market fit, you reach a point where you as the founder start to notice some people related issues are taking more time than the business itself and you start to think to yourself “What have I done wrong?” or to be on the more optimist side of the spectrum “ How am I going to deal with all these issues?”. You will probably start to look for help, but the expertise you seek in the market around “culture building” mostly serves large corporations. Therefore, they are of minimal or no use to a startups fast paced daily problems.

Here is the good news: Since we are very aware of what startups face in terms of people problems, as a team of psychologists and sociologists who like to deep dive on the human nature, we have developed a tool to help fast growing startups. Cultureboom- our culture building tool- will help you diagnose your people/culture problems, measure and improve through KCIs (Key Culture Indicators) and a 3-staged approached. Culture building is hard, and takes time. This is designed to be your first big culture move, at a reasonable cost.

How Does it Work?

Think of it as a 3 phase solution, where you as the founder first get to know your company’s culture and how growth ready it is by answering a 10 minute questionnaire (Stage 1: Take the Test) . You will then receive our Culture Box (Stage 2: Get the Box) with (a) full 10 page report and analysis of your data to gauge where you stand in terms of your KCIs. Following the report, you will also get your (b) custom culture playbook where we provide you recommended actions, goals and guidance. Of course, we know you have very specific issues that need longer discussions (every startup does). We also provide (c) face to face sessions and leadership support. We will discuss your specific issues during these 6 one-on-one consultations and they will include subjects from motivation to learning depending on your priorities.

Finally, for Stage 3: Get Heard we will conduct podcast interviews with your founders to hear your story and share it with our audience. This will be an excellent opportunity in creating corporate memory as well as increasing awareness for possible future recruits!

The whole process will take about 2 weeks with the 1/10th of the cost of a traditional consultancy.

Please contact us for this amazing journey or if you have any specific questions and we would be happy to answer.

And for those of you who want a more thorough understanding of what we are doing, here is our founder Ozzie giving detailed information on our introductory walk-through video:


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